Bindery Projects
Exhibition 4 Fragments
Set #1: Cabrini Green/Good Times
I am interested in utilizing drawing and the language of realism as a signification system to explore hyper-reality.

In the most recent body of work I am employing Constructivist design and Brutalist architecture as the tableau for these concerns. Cabrini Green (as seen through the set of TV show Good Times), and Riverside Plaza (built by Ralph Rapson emulating Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation), become the starting point for this critique. The Good Times set motif is a simulacrum of the failed idealism of the Brutalist movement. It becomes both projection and representation. A self-subsuming appropriation.

The drawing approach enhances the dystopian reality of these idealized spaces where faulty building quality and social upheaval dominate. Encoded with hyper-reality, the drawing mark is absent of an empathetic position. The image is built through obsessive rendering of the Xerox source material. Each pixel is carefully scrutinized and investigated. The drawing is both the code and coded. It is both the abstraction and the reality simultaneously.
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